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Bring it to us, we'll do the rest. 


To Schedule a Drop-Off:  Read the consignment agreement and all FAQs on this page before scheduling. Click on the button below to schedule a time and day. 


View the Consignment Agreement here.


By scheduling a Drop Off Consignment Appointment, you guarantee that you have read through the Consignment Agreement & all of the FAQs on this page.


Key Points: 

  • 25 Items/Lots MAXIMUM per drop off appointment. Lots must not contain more than 5 items. 
  • Items that do not fit in a box or on a shelf require prior authorization from the auction house. 
  • Each Lot must have a note card attached (ONLY use painter's tape, do NOT use clear tape) with YOUR FULL NAME, Description of  Item/lot & that it has been Tested and works. (Others have used old address labels on note cards to save time.)
  • Only working items accepted. Your note card must confirm that your item has been tested & works.


Q. What do I need to know to sell with KJ's Needful Things?

A.View the Consignment Agreement and guidelines sheet by clicking HERE

Q. What items do you accept for sale?

A. You would be surprised what sells. We can sell just about anything & everything that is legal to sell.   Your "trash" may be someone else's "treasure", especially some items you would normally donate. Unique items are welcome along with more traditional everyday items. See questions below for items we do not accept or accept only in limited quantities.

Q. Are there items that sell better than other items? Are there specific items that your buyers are looking for?

A. YES, there are and to view the list, click HERE.

Q. What items are NOT accepted for sale?

A. We reserve the right to decline any item without cause.  Please click HERE to view our list of items that are not accepted for sale.

Q. When should I bring my items for sale?

A. After reading what we sell and don't sell, please schedule a drop-off appointment. We usually schedule appointments on Thursdays but we can be flexible to help fit your schedule. We do follow seasons and accept items about 2 months before each holiday/season. For example, Christmas items in October, Summer items in April, Fall/Hunting items in September.

LARGE LOADS/ITEMS: Please Call Ahead to Check for Available Space and receive Confirmation of acceptance for anything that doesn't fit in a box before binging these items.

Make sure to pack fragile items carefully as we are not responsible for damage.


Q. Will my item sell?

A. It would be great if there was a guaranteed yes or no answer to this question, but selling is an art & a science and nothing is guaranteed. Also, whether an item will sell is only one part of the equation and the next part is will the item sell for a high price? The value of an item is truly only what a buyer is willing to pay regardless of the price that was originally paid to purchase the item. "Value" is relative and ever-changing. Items sitting on shelves or in boxes have a value of ZERO except as a placeholder in space or sentimental value. There is no value until actually sold, and at a price that a buyer is willing to pay.

Please feel free to contact us with questions about specific items. You can also email or text pictures to us and we are happy to give you our best estimate of the current demand in our market for your item.


Q. How do I list my items?

A. You schedule a drop off appointment to bring items to us at the designated day and time. Base Commission Rate is 35% (65% to you) plus $2 listing fee per item/lot. Commission amount drops on a sliding scale as the selling price of the item/lot increases. 

ALL (EVERY SINGLE item/lot) items/lots are tagged with a post it note or note card with relevant information and your full name; otherwise, the commission rate will be 50% plus $2 listing fee per item/lot.  *ONLY use painters tape to attach note cards as it is safe for most surfaces.* Alternatively, you can place items/lots in bags or boxes and attach the note cards for those items on the bag/box. Lists and verbal instructions do NOT qualify.  The lots, titles, descriptions, starting bids and other information are at our sole discretion.

If you have a storage unit, full estate/household, or business to liquidate, please contact us to discuss our guidelines & discounted rates for these special situations. THe lotting fee does not apply in most of these instances when large quantities are involved. 

If you are interested in receiving a BUYOUT QUOTE for your contents  (including the house is optional), please reach out to us. 

Q. Can I sell my items from my location?

A. We highly encourage all items to be brought on-site to our warehouse to enable live preview; however, for the convenience of moving larger items, we are able to sell items off-site as long as you are comfortable handling the pick up process between the bidder and yourself in your home. Please talk to us to determine whether your item is eligible for this service or not.

Q. How long does it take for my items to be auctioned?

A. We aim to catalog and process your items within 2 weeks or less after your drop-off appointment & the items go on our auction website for one week starting Monday evening through the following Monday evening. Your check will be mailed 2 weeks following the close of your auction.


Q. How much money do I have to pay in advance to sell my items?

A. None. We will settle listing fees & commission from your settlement check after the auction. The only exception is if you want a reserve on a lot, then the fee is $10 nonrefundable upfront.


Q. What Happens if My Item Does Not Receive a Bid at Auction?

A. If you choose not to donate your unsold Items, then you must pick up your items on Friday 11a - 5p or Saturday 11a - 3p following the auction close. If the item(s) are not picked up by the 7th calendar day after the auction closes, KJ’s Needful Things, LLC takes possession & will determine if they will be relisted at clearance prices or donated to a local thrift store.


Q. Do I have to guarantee the Items that I sell?

A. Yes. If you can not guarantee authenticity then neither will we. We require that the seller lists their item accordingly. Selling counterfeit items as authentic is illegal. If an item is working, you'll want to include that in the description. If an Item has any defect - you'll need to list that in the description as well. (Example: works, new, unknown working condition, AS IS, etc) If an item is working, we list that & guarantee that the Item is in working condition.


Q. Can I put a certain dollar amount on an Item to Sell?

A. We do not encourage placing Reserve Prices on lots. In our experience, bidders tend to not bid when they see a reserve; however, we understand that a few items do warrant a certain starting price. Sellers have the option to pay a $10 nonrefundable fee for each reserve price set and this fee is paid even if an item with a reserve does not sell. If your reserve is not met, we do not reach out to the other bidders on the lot. 


Q. What are your commission rates / fees?


BASE COMMISSION RATE is based on the sales price of each individual item/lot.

- 35% Commission (Sales Price of $0-$20)

- 30% Commission (Sales Price of $21-$500)

- 25% Commission (Sales Price of $501-$1,00)

- 20% Commission (Sales Price over $1,000)

- Negotiable Commission (Sales Price over $5,000/Firearms/Vehicles)

- 50% for missing note cards 


$2 Listing Fee Per Item/Lot  (Waived for full estates)

eBay Option:

50% commission rate & $2 Listing Fee Per Item/Lot.

Q. Do you clean my dirty items?

A. No, items will be listed in the condition that you drop them off.


Q. What if I don't even know what some of my items are?

A. We are happy to help you describe an item. If we don't know what it is either, we have people we can ask and sometimes we do list items as "unsure what this is used for" and our wonderfully smart customers will help distinguish the item and application.



Q. When can I see the items in person?

A. Yes! We highly encourage every Bidder to come and preview items of interest on our pick up days. Some items look better in person. You may want to pick up the item & feel it & smell it. Please contact us for a preview appointment or to request a video or facetime call.


Q. What if I have problems registering for a Hibid account to bid?

A. Try entering your address with only the numbers and not with the street information included.  If that doesn't work, please call us at 248-505-5985 or email


Q. What makes you different from other auction companies?

A. We have a passion for and LOVE what we do! We care about your business & we pride ourselves on being very responsive.We strive to be one of the best in the online auction industry while demonstrating honesty, integrity and personal service. We specialize in online auctions that run every week! By providing good descriptions and clear pictures on a wide variety of items for sale each week, we hope you’ll save us as one of your favorite auction houses.


Q. How does shipping work?

A. We ship within the continental US. You pay actual discounted shipping costs plus materials & $5 handling fee per box. We do everything we can to safely package your items in the least amount of boxes. Handling charges are based on time & staff costs to box items along with cost of shipping supplies. All items will be insured. Auction items must be paid for before they are sent out. Note: There are some things we are not able to ship due to size, weight, fragility or legal matters. Please inquire with our shipping department in advance if you have any questions.



**This page constitutes part of the consignment agreement. Please review it in its entirety.**


Consignment Agreement

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